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This gallery shows traditional and digital illustrations by the illustrator Mark B. Fleming. The owner and artist of Creative Avenue.

Custom illustrations generated digitally by computer ro traditionally by hand techniques with a a variety of mediums to choose from. like oil paints, acryilcs, pastels, inks, air brush and more.

A complete brand solution - Creative Avenue.

Let us create the illustrations for you. Wether you are creating a new product or a completly creative concept. We have the time and talent.
Take a look at a few we have illustrated below.

Below are a variety of traditional and digital illustrations we have created for several customers. To get your illustration started today contact us or call us today at 615.260.0885.

Studio MX package illustration to sell the concept before it existed. Illustrated on the computer by Creative AvenueIllustration of a sliced green apple by Creative Avenue
Coffee cup illustration by Mark Fleming of Creative Avenue using Adobe Illustrator. A digital creation.Photosuite 5 package illustration by Creative Avenue
an illustration of a package designed and created by Creative Avenue. This illustration was developed digitally with Photoshop.Sony headphones designed or a plastics company. Illustrated by Mark B. Fleming the illustrator.
Northeast, Godwhy churh. A poster for a youth ministries program illustrated by Creative AvenueA political illustration of Obama and Romney 'in the race'.

illustration created with Photoshop of the product Octane booster in the box.illustration created with Photoshop of the product Octane booster.
illustration created with Photoshop of the box packaging for Octane creation of the box and tray for the products of Octane Booster.

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